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I'm not ashamed to admit that I had a chemistry set as a kid. I was also the recipient of the award for outstanding experiment in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science's Northeast District in 1985. So, I understand the importance of good research. Over the years, my focus has moved towards creativity, expression and communication. In this part of my site you can discover what I'm currently working on, and view progress on a few initatives.

The IA Slam (2003-2016)
What is the Information Architecture Slam? Simply stated, it is an interactive event that focuses on a creative teamwork, a business problem, role-playing and fun. My friends and colleagues, Lynn Boyden, Chris Chandler and Eric Reiss produce this event as part of the annual IA Summit. One year we lamented the fact that conventions don't allow for project-based interaction; you're either out socializing or watching a dry presentation. Thus, the Slam was born. Each year we present a different challenge, and work hard to make the experience fun for all (including us). Our motto: "The Pleasure Is Ours." And indeed it is. Here are some links to images and comments about past slams.

The 2006 Sustainability Slam
As part of the ASID Innovate Retreat, I helped facilitate a working session on green design and the challenges of eco-friendly design. You can find out more by viewing the invitation here.

Narrative Structures on the Web
One of my areas of interest has always been the art of storytelling. In graduate school, I turned my focus to the concept of "online narrative" with the web as the transmission medium. Coupled with the phoenix-like state of content on the web, I think the concept is intriguing. I've worked on a number of research projects that aim to offer a viable method for effective online narratives. I've had the pleasure of working with a television network, Microsoft, a major Hollywood production company, and an incredibly gifted science-fiction writer. Some of these projects were a success, others were not (to say the least). Along the way, I've chronicled a number of additional events that, for better or for worse, have added to the collective effort. Eventually my ramblings will coalesce into a cohesive document that examines past efforts and looks towards the future. This will be the place to read more about that process.

Feel free to email me if you'd like more information.
The 2016 IA Slam
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