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While in graduate school, I did a lot of research into narrative structures. I was especially interested in the way the medium, from novel to comic book, play to movie, shapes the flow and methodology. Influenced by Roshomon, I decided to create a structure for a story that would allow the participant to explore different points-of-view of the same situation.

The Story
Love, American Style tells the story of Mary Ellen and George, two young people falling in love in 1969. Their first meeting, subsequent dates, and courtship are detailed, from the point of view of four key particpants: Mary Ellen, George, Helen (Mary Ellen's mom) and Pepe (Helen's chihuahua). Along with copy, audio and video provide a rich experience.

The Structure
The viewer first chooses an initial narrator from the Point of View screen, and then is ushered into the Episodium where they can choose a chapter. At any time, they can switch narrator's along the botton of the screen. In addition to the Point of View device, the viewer can also access a section devoted to period news for added context.

The Design
The application has a very pop art look and feel. A supersaturated image of daisies provides a background for the story elements. The narrators are represented by icons, and the photos and videos appear in glowing frames. Text elements are given type treatments to match the established design.

©2018 Matthew Fetchko
Narrator Choice Screen
The Point of View screen with narrator choices.

Chapter Screen
The Episodium screen with chapter titles.

Narrative screen from Mary Ellen's point of view.

The Aftermath narrative screen from Mary Ellen's point of view.

Help Screen
Help screen with topics.