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I'm a big fan of spy thrillers. In fact, I'm a James Bond junkie, and I also have a special place in my heart for those 60s spy spoofs that involve outrageous plots, wacky production designs and crazy gadgets. When the time came for me to create a CD-ROM game, I naturally had to include those elements...and more!

The Premise
The hero of the story is Agent Cyclops, who is based on the graphic I use for my work. A solid, suave spy (albeit with severely limited depth perception), he is called into service in the hunt for Madame Moiré. This supervillaness, in the best tradition of Catwoman and Pussy Galore, has stolen the precious electro-excitable jelly, an explosive energy source. The hunt is on.

The Game
Agent Cyclops has to search the globe looking for the jelly, and the location of Moiré's hideout. From locations as diverse as New York City, and Freeland, PA to Paris, Cyclops takes in the sites while hot on the trail. Each destination point has several screens to explore. The key sights, from Rockefeller Center to the Eiffel Tower play a role in the caper. Tidbits of interesting information inform the user along the way.

Clues manifest in the form of a sealed envelope. Once the clue is retrieved, Cyclops can discover the location of Moiré's secret base.

The Design
The game works as a travelogue and a more traditional hide-and-seek experience. The narrative is tied to the user's actions, so at key points in the game, video and audio messages add to the experience.

The overall visual design of the game uses a combination of graphics and photography to create a hyper-realistic 60s pop influenced world. A spy-themed soundtrack ("Secret Agent Man") adds a touch of jazz, and the over-the-top performance of Madame Moiré adds to the mayhem.

©2018 Matthew Fetchko
Secret Agent Cyclops title screen
Secret Agent Cyclops title screen.

Secret Agent Cyclops control panel
Control panel displaying mission information.

Secret Agent Cyclops world map
World navigation map with highlighted search locations.

Secret Agent Cyclops Lincol Center
Lincoln Center screen with clue envelope.