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The Conference of State Bank Supervisors is a 100 year old organization dedicated to advancing the state banking system. This group reports on federal regulatory developments of interest to state banks and regulators, and works with members on lobbying and public relations issues. For CSBS, clear communication is critical to their annual presentations.

1994 Key Visuals
Focusing on the issue of the dual banking system, this presentation was heavy on text treatments. This information needed to be clear, concise and attractively packaged. The key visual icon became an Liberty dollar coin, a symbol rich in tradition and meaning. Used as a background image and visual icon, the coin became an integral part of the style guide.

The color palette, red, maroon and grays, completemented the metallic colors of the CSBS logo and the Liberty coin, and the type treatments used a family of san-serif type to introduce an contemporary element. The tension between the Liberty coin and the contemporary type produced an engaging contrast that complemented the presentation.

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CSBS Key Visual
The CSBS key visual, utilizing an antique silver dollar.

CSBS text slide
This image presents highlights a pull-quote. The background design relates to the key visual.

This image uses a more complex background and vertical design border.