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BJH is an Fortune 500 industry leader in the insurance arena. The corporate family includes subsidiaries focusing on trading, asset management and investing. Two groups, BJH International and BJH International Asset Management needed site designs that spoke to their audiences and supported the history of the parent company.

BJH International
For the BJHI site, the client wanted a classic, upscale look and feel. Their company tradition is very corporate and traditional, and users should immediately realize that this organization is dependable, solid, and affluent.

The design uses a color scheme that plays up the stereotype of the stuffy tradition-locked investment company. The use of rich blue tones and yellow-bronzes adds depth but also complements the cream and lighter accent colors. Type treatments and selected imagery balance the layout, which required space for a lengthy introduction.

The internal layout continues the color scheme, but a white area allows the content to visually pop. A wide column for type also allows for graphics or photos to be integrated with the copy. Subtle touches, like a initial drop cap and logo footer add to the perception of wealth and tradition.

BJH International
Asset Management

The BJHIAM project had different requirements. They also wanted to establish themselves as dependable and upscale, but it was critical that the site design also appear contemporary and engaging. This company did not want to appear stodgy or too traditional, but more on the pulse of the market. If the BJHI site catered to wealthly investors, BJHIAM wanted to attract their sons and daughters, investors who understand the market and the risks, and want a fresh approach.

The design uses similar colors, but in lighter tones that are paler and brighter. The index page layout allows for some interesting type treatments and action-based imagery, to suggest a dynamic organization. This layout also supports a large amount of text.

The internal page design supports a pull quote, treated graphically for added emphasis. For this particular page, a management team biography, the trite headshot has been replaced with a more casual, three-quarters portrait. Drop shadows and metallic finishes add richness and depth.

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BJHI index page
BJH International index page.

BJHI inner layout
BJH International internal layout.

BJHIAM index page
BJHIAM index page.

BJHAM internal layout
BJHIAM internal layout.