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For a long time, I planned to be a professional artist, a painter, working in oils. I enjoy painting, the smell of linseed oil and turps. I am especially fond of layers and layers of glaze, to build up dimension and depth. Of course, as I began to plan my professional career, I discovered that the romantic notion of living in a garret, drinking wine at a sidewalk cafe, was not reality. And as a person obsessed with detail, I found the graphic arts calling my name...
I do still paint, and I've included some favorite works here.
This was a work assembled from some photos, and some earlier charcoal sketches. I wanted to create a space with depth, that allows the viewer to peer into a whole other world. The idea of setting a little celebration in a sort of underground kingdom just seemed right. The idea is that the viewer is not an interloper, but is granted access to watch this private and special celebration.

Woman with child
The concept here was to depict an old woman, caring for child that might not be her own, in a place almost out-of-time. The color choices add to the feeling, almost a sepia tone, and yet the tone is warm, and friendly.

Contrast study
I wanted to work out the interplay of light and dark, shadow and movement, of a clearing in the forest. This is a study for a larger piece to be painted in oils.

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©2018 Matthew Fetchko

Carnevalé, 1993, Oil on canvas.

Woman with child, 1990, Gouache.

Contrast study, 1990, Gouache.