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I have been drawing since the age of six, and I remember the early exercises in composition and perspective. I love the railway vanishing point exercise.
I've worked in pencil, pen and ink, chalk, pastel, everything and anything that will leave a mark. I do like to experiment with different techniques and materials, and have recently been working with Japanese ink washes.
Self-portrait in stainless steel fondue pot
I've also enjoyed interpreting the various drawing exercises and assignments in somewhat twisted ways. The image at right was for the traditional "create a self-portrait." This naturally requires a mirror or reflective surface, and one night, came across the idea of using the fondue pot. The curved surface presented an additional challenge, and I like the idea of using a household object. I look at this drawing and smile, because I can see some details of my apartment in the picture, and of course, I had that same Van Gogh Starry Night poster that everyone owns at some point in their life.

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©2018 Matthew Fetchko

Self-portrait in stainless steel fondue pot,
1989, Conté crayon on tinted paper.