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I spent an entire year studying ceramics and glazes. I am especially attracted to hand-building methods. Yes, the wheel is elegant and a thrown piece is graceful, but for me, building up a work piece by piece, molding and cutting, that thrills me.
My teacher was brilliant, and encouraged me to create forms that were true to the nature of the clay. I have two pieces presented here.
Starfish Man
Starfish man makes me smile. He is a friendly creature, and this sculpture is at once organic and approachable. His surface is marked with thumbprints, and his limbs are expressive and inquisitive.

Cabbage Vase
This vase is based on a flowering cabbage plant, and was constructed piece by piece. The petals are delicately etched with patterns, and the glaze was custom formulated to complement the natural color of the fired pottery.

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©2018 Matthew Fetchko

Starfish Man, 1992, terracotta.

Cabbage Vase, 1991, hand built pottery with glaze.