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I pride myself on being creative. Each, some new work of art: digital, traditional, visual or textual, will debut here. The only rule: it must be created within a week's time, and be finished on Sunday.

Week of 3/02/03
Digital Image
Goodbye, my neighbor

The world lost Mister Rogers this week.

Growing up, I didn't watch his show very often. I have seen enough episodes to recognize the set, the characters, and the sound of their voices. I was watching The Electric Company or 3-2-1 Contact. But knowing he was there, patient, kind...

What strikes me the most is just how decided this man was, to his craft, to his mission. No scandal ever touched his repuatation, ever. He practiced what he preached, he was dependable and willing, he was an authority figure with a real sense of responsibility and honor.

Reruns will allow his show to go on, but I will miss him.

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Goodbye, my neighbor