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I pride myself on being creative. Each, some new work of art: digital, traditional, visual or textual, will debut here. The only rule: it must be created within a week's time, and be finished on Sunday.

Week of 2/23/03
Watercolor and graphite
Snow Paths

This past week New York has seen snow, snow and more snow. My office had a snow day, and that alone should indicate how severe the weather was.

All week long, people had to trudge along shoveled paths. The corners were especially difficult, as he plows closed in the openings, and narrow one person wide gullies opened up.

With the thawing, the corners turned into little lakes and ponds, stretching halfway down the block. I was inspired to do a painting, but looking at the view from above, to see how people have stomped and flattened paths through the snow and slush.

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Snow Paths