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I pride myself on being creative. Each, some new work of art: digital, traditional, visual or textual, will debut here. The only rule: it must be created within a week's time, and be finished on Sunday.

Week of 2/16/03
Digital file
Lego Robot Designs

My brother and I had a passion for Legos. We had this huge collection, hundreds and hundreds of pieces, and we would spend hours building ships, buildings, robots. The world always had a futuristic bent, probably because the little Lego men were spacemen, and the few accessories were little computer terminals and rocket-like shapes.

Jason was always the red spaceman, and I was the white one. Along with our little guys, we always had two robots, shared between us. These two, a male and a female, were made out of a few lego pieces, two small windows, a ceiling tile and the two peg blocks. Their names: EFee and Ja·Net.

I've recreated them here in digital format. I'm amazed at how simple and elegant they are. The flat panel (the window) is the visual display. I'm not sure what they did for moving objects, and that one bit of a design flaw never seemed to come up. I'm thinking we assumed they had artificial telekentic powers, or mini anti-grav energy fields.

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EFee and Ja·Net