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I pride myself on being creative. Each, some new work of art: digital, traditional, visual or textual, will debut here. The only rule: it must be created within a week's time, and be finished on Sunday.

Week of 2/02/03
Ribbon Candy: Christmas ´02

Before the holidays I went to the opening of the Dance Theatre Workshop with my good friend Michelle. As part of the festivities, they handed out these beautiful ribbon candies. Red, cream, delicate and edible. I've kept mine on the work table, with the idea that it was too beautiful to eat.

Last week I moved it (while looking for something) and it dropped to the floor. With a crunch, I realized the structure was smashed. But not completely, as the shrink-wrap kept it more-or-less intact. I was determined to do something with it now, make something with it, and then eat it. But slowly, as I am trying to be healthy this new year.

I put some plastic wrap on the scanner and spent time arranging the pieces. Viewed as architecture, they are truly amazing. Eating one while I'm writing this, all pepperminty and sharp, I realize they are meant to be consumed, not put away on a table.

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