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I pride myself on being creative. Each, some new work of art: digital, traditional, visual or textual, will debut here. The only rule: it must be created within a week's time, and be finished on Sunday.

Week of 1/12/03
Photo Collage
Fiji Banded Iguana Visits Urban Outfitters

Walking down the street, I found one of those cigarette "fact cards" with an image of the endangered Fiji Banded Iguana. Later that day I was tempted to visit Urban Outfitters. All their marketing seems aimed at teens, grubby ones at that. A little too hipster. Picking up the brochure with the latest "looks" I couldn't help but smile at the extremely over-styled shots, where everything is supposed to look shabby and sort of vintage, but it is all available to buy, new at Urban. I felt that the Fiji Banded Iguana just had to join in the fun.

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Fiji Banded Iguana Visits Urban Outfitters